SUBJECT SETS SUBJECT SETS are comprised of a network television-style trilogy line-up featuring the students of fictional Tom Joad High School and spanning the franchises AT WIT'S END (drama), BAIT & SWITCH! (sketch comedy), and CLASS ACTION (adventure).

The three series are based on and expanded from the 1985 educational short student film, THE SUBJECT OF A MOMENT, that School Library Journal called "outstanding in its dramatic presentation... strong impact without being preachy... an excellent purchase choice..." and Simon & Schuster Communications called "very high quality... quite impressive... accurate... real..."

Each Subject Set features a topic, such as alcohol, and follows the immedeately likeable perpetrator on an unwitting downward spiral. Audience identification quickly expands to include the victims and the perpetrator's family and friends. And, as the story unfolds, the subject of Character becomes the focal point and eventually conquers all.

The concept of a character education "virtual experience" Subject Set is original with

Finding a Subject Set in a catalog is as easy as searching by subject. For example: ALCOHOL.

                                                      ALCOHOL AT WIT'S END
                                                      ALCOHOL BAIT & SWITCH!
                                                      ALCOHOL and CLASS ACTION

Remembering a Subject Set's screening order is as easy as A, B, C.

                                                      AT WIT'S END
                                                      BAIT & SWITCH!
                                                      CLASS ACTION

With Subject Sets from, the kids at Tom Joad High School and viewers like you have "got-it-goin'-on!"