Popular social host Grape Juice and his girlfriend Kristen head Tom Joad High School's in-crowd — a group that includes three-musketeers Nameless, Avery, and I.D. The taste-makers help sharpen "the blame game" in each episode of AT WIT'S END.

You'll identify with the episode's guest star before the accident happens and attempts at damage-control ensue. In typical fair-weather friend fashion, Grape Juice and Kristen are the intelligent and charismatic seniors who have the skill to organize the party and then duck responsibility for the consequences, leaving their now ex-new best friend (the guest star) to his or her fate. Learning the ropes from the older students are Nameless, Avery, and freshman I.D. who hold steadfastly to idealism as they lose their innocence.

AT WIT'S END is the first of three spin-offs, followed by BAIT & SWITCH! and CLASS ACTION, based on Geoff Gray-Lee's acclaimed 1985 college senior project THE SUBJECT OF A MOMENT.


Sketch Comedy
Superjock Ralph and his fifty-something politicial incarnation, "What's-His-Name," lead the character comedy, running gags, and catchphrase barrage as Tom Joad High School tries to rise above its latest tragedy.

In this quickfire sortie of laughs, there's no-holds-barred nonsense from "got-it-goin'-on social host" Grape Juice, partier-in-training Nameless, wiz-kid Avery Mann, tag-a-long I.D., recovering criminal One Face, dropout Ditto-Echo, and good-hearted bumbling "gangsta" Yo-Yo. Also in the mix is wrestling coach and logic teacher Coach Dodgson, media production teacher Mr. Drama, Mrs. Principal, and Dr. Scientist.

BAIT & SWITCH! holds up a mirror to the world and focuses on the value of cogent reasoning and the mechanics of a cogent "self-image (that's identity and self-esteem)!" In safe but true laugh-at-yourself fashion, our friends from AT WIT'S END show us what they are made of and why — and with that understanding comes our ability to grow.

BAIT & SWITCH! is the second of three spin-offs, along with AT WIT'S END and CLASS ACTION, based on Geoff Gray-Lee's acclaimed 1985 college senior project THE SUBJECT OF A MOMENT.



Drawing a new line below the likes of nationalism, racism, ageism, and sexism, CLASS ACTION is set in this neighborhood's self-imagism. CLASS ACTION chronicals the adventures of five disfranchised high school students who use every means at their disposal to sabotage the hood’s prevailing definition of pride. They communicate regularly with high-minded and self-actualized individualists, and move easily between home and the greater community because of their command of both a formal reasoning method and a cogent definition of “self-image (that’s identity and self-esteem)!” Despite being physically inprisoned by politics and poverty, they are emotionally and intellectually free.

With this understanding they exploit complex fallacies and engage in dangerous activity as they work to achieve their goals; such as redirecting organizational memberships and fanbases, disabling unscrupulous marketers, and converting major entertainment acts to their cause. This tricky business includes exposing inconsistent leaders and policies, teaching confused individuals the skills of both reasoning cogently and the self-image compound, and assisting individuals and groups that are proven to be world peace-directed.

While other gangs are naive, foolish, or unskilled, this crew understands that intelligence has a range. In fact they use its incriments as titles. The "whipping-boys-and-girls-gone-wild" on this block are gangsta topp-dogg wannabe (IQ) 123 Ditto-Echo, and her philosophic neophyte second (IQ) 94 Yo-Yo, who struggle to keep (IQ) 123 Nameless and his friends in check to avoid being dissed by the local doggfathers or coming under public scrutiny at the next hip-hop battle.

CLASS ACTION may not be dismissed as being in poor taste because of its attack on prevailing social norms. Its foundation is the context of popular culture and its adventures are inspired by current events.

CLASS ACTION also has recurring characters who periodically rejoin the regular ensemble cast.

CLASS ACTION is the third of three spin-offs, along with AT WIT'S END and BAIT & SWITCH!, based on Geoff Gray-Lee's acclaimed 1985 college senior project THE SUBJECT OF A MOMENT.