Tishina Gilton

Tishena Gilton
"Kristen Mann"
"Avery Mann"

Tishena Gilton stars in WCEE.net's drama "Alcohol At Wit's End" and sketch comedy "Alcohol Bait & Switch!" as both Kristen and Avery Mann.

Gilton was born and raised in San Francisco. She studied modeling at Wilheimina Talent, and acting with Robert Miano at the Fountain Theater, both in Los Angeles. She also studied media production at Contra Costa College in San Pablo. She appeared in the motion picture "Vabors" directed by Dave Mounton, the Karon the Don music video "In the Kitchen", the runway fashion show Bay to LA, and the fashion show Chic In Da City SF. Gilton was also featured in Golden Hill's production of "Grits", Alliance Entertainment's Wonderland music video "Jake Coco", Bossalini Clothing's official website, an untitled Blaque Orchid music video, an untitled United Way commercial, an untitled spec Pepsi commercial, and as an extra in movie "Domino".

Gilton also worked as background, a featured extra, and/or as a stand-in on "Nash Bridges", "My Wife and Kids", "ER", "American Dream", "Neds", "Las Vegas", "Dr. Vegas", "CSI", "Navy NCIS", "MTV Never Seen Before", "Joan of Arcadia", "Charmed", "Cold Case", and as a photo double for Nia Long in "Are We There Yet?"

Gilton's hobbies include spoken word/poetry writing and performing, songwriting, print/runway modeling, music and dance. She is a lifetime member of NAACP.