Michael Foley

Michael Foley
"Dr. Scientist"

Michael Foley is more than an agreeably game, moldable, and conviencing theatrical talent. He appears as Dr. Scientist in WCEE.net's drama "Alcohol At Wit's End", sketch comedy "Alcohol Bait & Switch!", and adventure "Alcohol and Class Action."

Originally from Hicksville, Long Island, New York, Foley has a BFA and MFA in painting and drawing from the San Francisco Art Institute. A gallery tour of his work is featured on his website. He is also a talented singer, songwriter, arranger, and guitarist, and has released the CD "Fear and Forgiveness," produced by his son, Emmet Foley.

Michael Foley works as a solo act and with his group, The Michael Foley Trio. He and his borther, bassist John York, performed in a duet called "The Foley Boys" on The Bruce Latimer Show (PCT channel 26). York, who has played with the Mamas and the Papas, Johnny Rivers, and Lightnin' Hopkins, and is a former member of The Byrds, also toured with Barry Mcguire.

Foley is devoted to his wife, children, and grandchildren. He says, "Painting and music consume my life." Foley lives in Pacifica, California.

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