Michael A. Lopez

Michael A. Lopez

Michael A. Lopez is a talent to watch. He stars as winning cutup and brain-gamer Nameless in the WCEE.net drama "Alcohol At Wit's End," sketch comedy "Alcohol Bait & Switch!," and adventure "Alcohol and Class Action."

Lopez is a native of San Francisco. His feature film experience includes “Funny People” starring Adam Sandler, Peter Bratt's “La Mission” with Benjamin Bratt, and as Daniel’s brother in “60 seconds of Distance” featuring Gary Dourdan. He appeared as Macai in Culture Productions' "Generation Now," and Clifford in "Tales of a Mathlete." Lopez has also been featured on billboards and in brochures. He was an extra in "Meter Maid Me Massacre," and his childhood experience includes Kids On Camera and John Robert Powers.

Lopez is an impressive dancer. He enjoys video games, bodybuilding, bowling, walking, jogging, biking, skateboarding, swimming, baseball, football; playing the guitar, piano, and congas; eating, sleeping, partying, and movies.

         Generation Now