Henri Ramsey

Henri Ramsey
"Mr. Powers"

Henri Ramsey is a professional and talented natural. He guest stars in WCEE.net's drama "Alcohol At Wit's End" and sketch comedy "Alcohol Bait & Switch!" as Mr. Powers.

Ramsey was born and raised in San Francisco, the youngest of seven children, and has always been interested in entertainment. His father was a Jazz saxophone player, his mother was a singer, and his brother was a singer in the group "Natural High."

Ramsey's first venture was singing in a group that performed the songs of the "Jackson 5" in talent shows around the Bay Area. He attended George Washington High School where he studied Drama. He also studied drums and, later, joined a band called "Hot Point."

In 2001 Ramsey auditioned for a musical called "Broadway...a Musical Extravaganza." Shortly thereafter he auditioned for a play called "Daddy's Dyin'...Who's got The Will?" and landed the role of "Harmony Rhodes." When the show ended, Ramsey decided to focus on acting in motion pictures. He co-produced the movie "The Revenant" in which he played "Detective Marion Walsh." A year later, he produced the movie "2 Days with Juliet" in which he also played "Henry Goodall."